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How SENTOL was invented

SENTOL was invented by our president Hiroshi Kichijo in 1981 and was approved for a patent in 1983.
The president was very fond of enjoying a bottle of beer every evening, and night after night he would open a bottle, thinking that there must be an easier and more entertaining way to open a beer bottle. Hooking the crown of a bottle and pushing it up and off, is not an easy task for a child or an elderly person. The daily routine of using the conventional bottle opener was in need of a change to something that was fun and easy enough for anyone. The president kept the idea in mind for almost 10 years until he finally decided to make some prototypes. The first samples were square and made with stainless steel material, but the square design was unstable on top of the bottle, and stainless was a difficult material to handle. The idea of a plastic cylinder shape made SENTOL easier to hold, and easier to fit smoothly onto the bottle neck. The fun PUSH! And POP! bottle opener SENTOL has become a popular household item and a souvenir that can be enjoyed by family and friends.

The meaning of the name “SENTOL”

Since 1983, SENTOL has been used in numerous countries around the world.
The name SENTOL means “take off cap” in Japanese. “sen” means cap, and “tol” comes from the word “toru” which means “to take”.
As the inventor and original manufacturer of SENTOL, we are proud to assure our valuable customers of a high quality household product.
100% of all materials and assembly for SENTOL is handled in Japan.


SENTOL SENTOL can be ordered by single units or in cartons of 200 pcs.
Although the patent has expired for SENTOL, there is only one AUTHENTIC SENTOL made in Japan.

One Carton: 200 pcs in one carton
Packing in clear plastic bags: 54.0cm×28.5cm×37.0cm weight 16.2kg
Packing in single boxes: 56.0cm×30.5cm×39.5cm weight 18.5kg
Packing in single boxes and 10 pack box: 56.0cm×30.5cm×39.5cm weight 19.2kg

Port of Departure: Osaka or Kobe


Plain SENTOL White, Red (in stock, no minimum)
Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Lime, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Black, Brown, Gray (minimum of 1,200pcs )

Soriginal sentol front

Original Printed SENTOL

Daruma, Red- Kaminarimon, Mt. Fuji,Rising Sun,
Samurai(white), Sakura(white), Samurai(black)

Soriginal sentol front

Custom designs can be printed on SENTOL with silk screen printing or thermal film.

For an accurate quote, please send a sample of your design in an outlined Illustrator format with CMYK or pantone color codes.
A base print using white may be necessary to make sure that the color of your choice will be printed accurately to your image.


SENTOL can be packed in clear plastic bags or single boxes.
10 single boxes can be packed into a 10 pack box.
The single boxes and 10 pack boxes with Sentol logos are free of charge.
Please specify packing preference when placing an order.


Our newest addition to the SENTOL bottle opener...SENTOL Jr.!!

SENTOL Jr. is a PUSH! CLICK! and POP! bottle opener like the original SENTOL, made into a compact design that you can carry in your pocket, take outdoors, fun to use at parties and is a great gift!

How to use SENTOL Jr.
1. Push the side trigger button
2. Place SENTOL on top of the bottle
3. Push the opener down and pop off the crown

Sentol Jr. is packed in a 24 pcs unit box.
Please contact us for inquiries about custom printing.

SENTOL is designed to work on the standard longneck type beer bottles.
The SENTOL mechanism may not be suitable for stubby bottle types with a short neck or unique lips or finish.

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