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Company Philosophy

Our products reflect_our company philosophy

The company philosophy of YOSHIRITSU CO., LTD. is to value the spirituality of Japanese tradition while respecting harmonious balance with different cultures.
Ancient Japanese culture paid high respect to the balance with nature, people and the spiritual world. In modern times we see a struggle with these balances on a global level. The balance with nature has changed as we can see from the serious environmental crisis the world faces. The balance of the Eastern and Western Powers is being tested as to whether mankind can elevate to a world of peace, or face conflict and destruction from negligence and prejudice and disrespect.

Our philosophy and quest is to produce innovative original products that have no boundaries in culture or age. We hope that children and families around the world will enjoy our household products and toys. Our hopes are to reach out to children in every country around the world with our educational toys and become a part of their education and growth. Our wish is for a world where all children can experience the joys and freedom to play with a good toy, and to simply, enjoy the riches of childhood.

Our experiences as a child are a part of who we become, and how we play a role in our society. We believe that a good toy is not simply an object to “play” with, but has a much deeper value.

All products manufactured by YOSHIRITSU CO., LTD. are patented products invented within the company.
Please respect the rights of our inventions and original products. We do not simply make a product for sales.
All products made by YOSHIRITSU CO., LTD. are the result of our company philosophy dedicated to contribute to a world with safe, educational toys for children, and a world of fair trade.

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