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Company Profile

How the company name was founded

YOSHIRITSU CO., LTD. was established in 1983 to manufacture and distribute Sentol, a one pop bottle opener invented by Hiroshi Kichijo.The company is a family-owned, family run business manufacturing original company products in Japan.
The Kichijo Family have a history of living in the small town Koshibe of OyodoYoshino Nara for over 400 years, passing on the family fortune in each generation by being independent and successful in various types of businesses. The Kichijo Family have a history of being a Landlord, handling Mountain Forest Management, and also being merchants in the trade of Sake Brewery, and Washi (Traditional Japanese Style Paper).

In the Meiji period, the area of Oyodo was in necessity to be rebuilt. Most of the Kichijo family fortune was spent on paving the roads and modernizing the small town without any political support. Even though the family lost much of their inheritance during this period, the spirit to devote to one’s society remains strong.

The spirit of being independent in business, and free from any political influence was passed on in each generation. Hiroshi Kichijo, was determined to follow the family philosophy and therefore named the company YOSHIRITSU with the meaning of “independent in Yoshino”. YOSHI represents the Yoshino area in which the company was founded, and RITSU represents the Japanese word “dokuritsu” which means “ independent”.


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